Votekick: Damage amount, not percentage

  • This is a simple but needed suggestion. I’m personally not a fan of the votekick mechanism in general (I feel it promotes mob rule and absolves admins of feeling responsibility to monitor their servers and results in a serious amount of collateral damage, but alas), but I feel it needs a few improvements if we’re going to stick with it. Namely, it needs to show an amount of damage, in addition to the percentage.

    The reason for this is simple: if a match has just started and a player so much as accidentally nicks a teammates ankle, if that teammate is abusive, he probably knows he can eject this guy from the game, because few people if any at all are going to vote “No” when they see “100% Team Damage”. I’ve seen this happen a great many times and have been on the receiving end of it more than once when I first started playing. This extends to similar situations such as when a player accidentally hits a teammate in melee during a brawl and still receives 30-60% team damage if it’s at the start of the match. It’s simply not a fair metric to find deliberate TKers (or even undeliberate morons; everyone hits a teammate from time to time, it’s inevitable).

    This is currently something that hits new players (who we should be supporting, not ostracizing) the hardest, because they are the most likely to mess up accidentally and incur this unfortunate penalty from those who abuse the vote system. You can argue that it discourages them from team damaging but all it really accomplishes it damaging their trust in the community.

    Anyway, that’s a lot of words for a pretty simple suggestion. Please consider it.

  • Agreed, damage percentage AND amount. And ping too please.

  • @Eleshar_Vermillion:

    Agreed, damage percentage AND amount. And ping too please.

    And playtime would be helpful too.

  • I fully agree.Another suggestion : make the box smaller and make it disappear after voting.Because it takes a freaking quarter of the screen for a whole freaking minute.

  • Yes : reduce the votekick display please, regarding duration and size.

    Adding the team damage given/received to the statistics should resolve this problem, as everyone may have instant access to the TD stats during any votekick.

  • @Eleshar_Vermillion:

    Agreed, damage percentage AND amount. And ping too please.

    I don’t find that a damage amount will bring anything else to the table. But a PING number will help.

  • It doesn’t help, seeing a number (well we have a 100 health) that is what 180 - what would that even mean to most people?

    % is good but as someone said playtime is important to qualify it. Having said that the community is getting smart, if it is at the beginning of an objective they tend to ignore it.

    Votekicking needs an overhaul, but I have yet to hear a comprehensive system that would address all the issues in a significant way. There are just too many borderline cases.

    In the end it is based upon democracy which has its flaws but is the fairest system so far.

  • I honestly think votekicking needs to be removed entirely. People get kicked often for no reason, I’ve seen no-team damage/no-idle people get kicked just because people feel like hitting insert. It’s a massively flawed system and for every legitimately kicked person there’s someone who was kicked for little or no reason at all, it’s completely ridiculous.

    I’ve never had any issues in games with server admins doing the majority of the policing. Yet in this game I find myself kicked for no reason at least once a day and it’s getting on my nerves. It’s usually when I’m doing particularly good and I imagine the majority of the yes votes are from people who are peeved; a good example of this is when using the catapult. I kill 5 people in one shot and 1 of them happens to be a teammate, he votekicks, and I imagine a lot of the “yes” votes were from enemies who’d rather not have to deal with anymore stones. Worse yet is all the servers with modified percentages like 55% as “the majority” which are infinitely more terrible. Pile onto all this negativity the fact that kicks aren’t just kicks, but IP bans for the duration of a match, and it’s absolutely rage-inducing. Whenever I’m kicked I don’t even try to find another server, I just close the game and do something else.

    I’m making this very post after closing the game because someone felt like votekicking me for calling them a coward when they hid behind their tower shield for the entirety of a duel until teammates arrived. People just felt like hitting insert. The round immediately prior to that someone accidentally hit a teammate near the beginning of a match and got kicked for team damage. He defended himself and someone else even corroborated his claim of innocence. People just felt like hitting insert. Just yesterday I was playing and a guy felt like teamkilling me for no reason; I votekick and because he was playing legitimately for awhile beforehand, his team damage is only 20% and people don’t hit insert. Then he follows me around for a long time teamdamaging me enough that I don’t die but I’m not able to fight on, and I finally crack and teamkill him to get him off me and I get votekicked. People just felt like hitting insert. If that isn’t a broken system, I don’t know what is. A semi-responsible admin would neither kick someone for mild competitive trash talk, and could observe and respond directly to complaints about griefing instead of forcing players to take it into their own hands.

    Imagine if forums worked on the votebanning system; I’ve never even seen that system anywhere and that’s because it’s obvious it doesn’t work. Games aren’t any different. Before I played this game I was an adamant believer in video game democracy/no admin all votekicking system but the persistent failures of that system demonstrated in this game to me and others is absolutely staggering, and I have trouble believing anyone else who’s played this game for any reasonable period hasn’t come to the same conclusion. Maybe you get lucky and the system doesn’t screw you over regularly but I’m not one of the lucky ones.

    At this point I find myself playing this game less for this very reason. If it was a once in awhile sort of thing it’d be fine, but it isn’t. It’s not fun to play and be constantly worried about getting kicked for accidentally hitting someone in a large blob, or saying something in chat to someone too soft-skinned to handle Hello Kitty Online, or doing too well, or for speaking English on a French server, or for absolutely nothing at all. I hope for the sake of this games health and longevity that I’m the only person who’s arrived at this point. I play games to have fun, not to become aggravated: and this votekicking system is incredibly aggravating.

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