Flinching during release

  • Sometimes it happens to me that I am fighting with an enemy and we are very close to trading hits, but whoever is hit first gets flinched without his attack landing a hit although it clearly should have connected and the attack was very clearly in it’s release phase.
    It has saved my life countless times as well as provided me with a healthy dose of frustration because I am as often on the receiving and to this bug as to the giving end.

  • I suspect that this is only due to latency. You are able to see the animation go further than what it actually does; in fact, it does not go beyond windup.

  • That would explain only the part when my release gets flinched because in reality I am hit a little bit sooner. But if it is the other way around, it does not make sense - the animation (what I see) would have to begin sooner than it really does (what opponent does) in order to get into the release stage. Or I would have to hit the opponent sooner than I really do… :D

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