Heavy Combat Lag… netcode issues?

  • I have been suffering from this since day one and thought a post should be made about it. There are plenty of posts about server and game lag with lots of players. Fps seems fine with 10 or so players and on certain maps but when you kick to 20+ many get lag. But this is not what I am talking about even though it is related.

    It is pretty clear that many of the maps, while pretty, are horribly optimized. Just float around in spec and see all the crap that is on the map that you will never see from a players view point. It is also clear that many of the textures are of high resolution specially on the character models. I have post already on how to lower them along with lowering the resolution of shadows. All of this helps FPS.

    That aside, this is what I have been really frustrated with is high lag and lower FPS when in a high combat situation. Here is what happens. Lets say 5v5 TO map, you are the first to approach an objective, your teammates are further behind you. The objective is for the most part surrounded by 4-5 players. As the heavy combat begins what happens is horrible shuddering lag, with the inability to move, swing or even parry. I may get in one move but then boom dead, almost instantly in some cases yet I see few animations if any and I watch the FPS go from 43 ish to 23.

    Now this doesn’t happen 1v1 or 2v1 and starts to effect 3v1 but beyond that, in heavy player combat situations like in a choke point, 5+ players moving and swinging, shooting and ducking in close proximity, the fps lag and response time becomes unbearable.

    I have been pondering this for sometime and it seems that both client and server are trying to compensate for all the packets for movement-map coordinates, swing traces/trajectories, parrys, combos, crouching, etc. and in doing so, is failing miserably. It makes competitive play almost impossible as advanced players are able to do many fast attack, fient/parry combos at the same time or in sequence and movement.

    So the questions are:
    How many packets are being sent to and from the server? min and max?
    How large are these packets?
    How does the server and the client handle packets and packet loss?
    Are the packets, packet loss, too many or too few packets related to this observed lag?
    Is the client doing any compensation for too many or too few packets?
    Does this perceived lag during heavy combat relate to hit detection?
    Is it possible that that many animations in close combat are also creating the lag?
    and finally…
    Is there any rate settings both client and server side that can be adjusted so that more accurate information is being sent between the two or just improve packet handling and the horrible heavy combat lag?

  • meh your post is too confusing, maybe it is the booze.

    FPS and lag have nothing to do with each other so it is hard to understand what you are talking about.

    FPS is your own CPU/video card and unaffected by the number of players.

    Whether players with high ping affect everyone on the game server is something I have wondered about but cannot find any solid correlation. There are times when I believe the server as a whole lags due to either server operations (disk I/O etc) or inconclusively a players ping.

    Anyway you need to separate those out to draw solid conclusions from an empirical observation from other players.

  • Well I disagree with your assumption that one doesn’t effect the other. I suggest rereading the OP for clarity. If your machine is waiting for packet to display events you would get a potential drop in FPS or even a studder. That is another issue I have been having during heavy combat sequences where on a smaller map, FPS is sitting at 62 and the action happens I get bad video studdering yet the Stat FPS says 62. So is that a packet loss or too many packets and it cannot handle it?

    In addition, I will say that overall my ping sits around 88-120 ish and 90 avg. When I go against a ton of players with 30-50 ping I am 2 to 3 times slower in communication to the server and back thus I almost always lose to the lower ping if the attacks are at the same time. Hell I have even seen where my animation attack is started before theirs and I still take a hit or die. It also sucks that my piing tends to be far from stable in comparison to others that have a 10 point swing max where mine is almost 30 point swing up or down and at any given time. So I am sure that is a factor at some point.

    But the main questions still could be answered. Why is it that I am experiencing horrible FPS or Lag during close heavy combat? I believe it is the net code and Kismet instead of writing their own to compensate for the high number of packets being sent.

    Again is there a server/client setting for better or optimized rate settings?

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