• Aye, me buckos!

    I have an idea that is in my head for a while. A pirate mod!

    There would be two factions of course, the colonists and the pirates.
    Colonists: blue and white. cough Agatha
    Pirates: Red and black….(Masons)
    It’ll be neat if there were some more lore on it, but, meh.

    Marksman (archer)
    -Uses ranged weapons.
    -Secondary can either be a saber, club, or hatchet.
    *Flintlock pistols. (can use secondary)
    *Muskets. ( can use either a secondary or replace it with a bayonet)
    -Specials: only one chosen. (duh)
    *Bayonet (Muskets)
    *Ammo pouch (doubles ammo)
    *Dual Wield (Pistols)

    Duelist (MAA)
    -uses light weaponary
    *Hand Axe
    *Hand grenade x1

    light the fuse, and throw.
    *Throwing hatchets x3
    *dual wield any two primaries.

    If anyone has any other class ideas, fire away!

    -Seaside towns
    -Small fishing villages surrounded by wilderness.
    -Full blown colonial cities!
    -Sea battle?

    I was thinking on leaving these maps as LTS or TDM, or something.

    Perhaps Team Objectives can include:
    -Ship boarding
    -Rescue the Captain.

    Please tell me what you think. I’d like to see something like this.
    Obviously this would need further planning.

    Kinda inspired but the Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Remind me of Pirates, Vikings and Knights lol

  • @EricFong:

    Remind me of Pirates, Vikings and Knights lol

    I was thinking the same thing (fun game that PVK II)

    I think a good deal of us have longed for an epic sea battle as much as we longed for an epic medieval FPS…

  • Imagine proper ship combat! Destructible war vessels! Board enemy ship etc…

    But my god, process from pencil to mod sounds absolutely terrifying

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