Achievements not working

  • the achievements for the tutorial do not work, for example A WARRIOR IS MADE, NOT BORN and etc. I played the tutorial 3x and it still doesn’t unlock. When I first started playing I unlocked them, but after the big update they got locked.


  • They have been steam glitched for a very long time. I believe you might get the screen icon saying you get them but if you look in achievements it says you don’t have it. Just look at global achiements, it says it only has a 0.2% completion. You would think that 90% would have completed it lol

  • LOL i agree

  • The tutorials achievements are known glitch since quite a while. Unfortunately, fixing the achievements isn’t their priority now.

    But I have a question about it. Are they gonna be fixed them with Patch 2, or do we have to wait longer for that to happen? I’m just curious, because I really want this to be fixed.

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