Shields equiped backwards

  • I was watching to fellas on a dueling server and they had both manage to equip their shield so that it was facing thr ground…It was as if they were holding the shield from the wrong side. I was spectating from first person on one of the players and i noticed that any time that he wasn’t blocking his sheild appear to be invisible on his screen. Is this some kind of haxxxie bug so that you can exploit the shield when it is not being used to block? (anytime the shield was raised to block it suddenly became visible.)

  • Moved to bug reports.

  • Well most of the time when you spectate a shield user in first person you cannot see the shield, exactly the way you describe it. It is a visual bug, not hax. What you saw might be different though, but I doubt it.

  • Another shield visual bug is having it ghosting on the left side of the screen after unequipping it. You can make i disappear by equipping it again then unequipping it again.

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