Playing with friends

  • How to play only with your steam friends on the server? I just want to fight a duel with my friend

  • If you wanna play only with them find an empty server :p

    Otherwise if you’re having trouble joining them:
    Easiest way is to just click “Join game” on the drop down menu over their name on your friends list, this sometimes doesn’t work so you’ll have to try clicking it without chivalry running, or find their server in the friends tab in the server list.

    The most reliable way is to open their profile and at the top right of the page you’ll see a “Click to join” button, right click this and copy the link address, then open the console in game, type “open” then paste, go back and delete the “steam://connect/” part then press enter, it’s annoying, but it works

  • It works. Thank you very much

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