Chivalry Game Hosting *** SPECIAL***

  • Hello Everyone!

    I would like start off by Thanking the Chivalry developers on a well made game it has brought me many hours of be-headings , chopping lims and victories!!!

    We have been around since 2002 and we understand about your gaming needs.

    To keep it small I put the text in Spoiler tags
    About US:

    ! America and Europe.
    ! The company that was to become Trinity Gaming (Laker.Net - Laker Information Systems, LLC) was founded as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) As the online gaming segment grew, dialup and broadband services were spun off in 2001 so that we could concentrate on what we love to do: Gaming! Thus, Trinity Gaming was born.
    ! We’re a no-nonsense company operated by professionals with quality, honesty, integrity, and pride driving our business. We’re gamers, too, and we know what gamers want.
    ! If you want a quality server with excellent support and honest business dealings at a fair price, you’ve come to the right place.
    ! We are the Official Provider for all GR2 and GR3 PlayStation2 servers in North America and Europe.
    ! We are an Official Trusted Partner of EA for service of Battlefield , Medal Of Honor Warfighter and many more Ranked Servers.
    ! We are a partner of the US Army for operation of the America’s Army Honor Servers.
    ! Why should YOU choose Trinity?
    ! 1. Our People
    ! Our people are gamers, too. We’re here to help.
    ! Our history in gaming dates back to the days of Sierra Online, the original Doom, and up to and including recent games such as Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. So we know what most gamers out there are looking for and deliver exactly that. Fast connections, low pings, and the games you want to play.
    ! We have been providing outstanding online services since 1994, and have concentrated solely on gaming and gaming-related services since 2002.
    ! 2. Our Equipment
    ! Trinity offers state-of-the-art servers with custom-tuned Linux kernels and finely tuned Windows server installations perfected for serving up today’s and tomorrow’s high performance games. Play on any of our customer’s servers and you immediately realize the quality of the server and the connection. The proof is in the playing.
    ! 3. Our Procedures
    ! We setup your server quickly. We give you the access and the tools to manage it, and we’re here to help you when you need it.
    ! 4. Our Locations
    ! Worried about those high pings from distances far away? Fear not with Trinity. From California to South America, Canada to Texas, East to West coast, and Europe, pings will be low as they can go. Simply put, Trinity is like having a server in your back yard. Choose from any of our many Technology Centers.
    ! 5. Our Prices
    ! Low costs with maximum return for your dollar. We offer you the finest in game server hosting without the high price tag. Found it cheaper elsewhere? Let us know. We can price match most reputable competitors.
    ! 6. Our Service
    ! “I was outraged when our clan’s hosting company told us to call THEM when we went down due to an IP change. Isn’t that why WE pay THEM?”
    ! … Well we couldn’t agree more. At Trinity, we have our finger on the pulse of our business and our customers. We speak your language, we understand your concerns, and we have people to get the job done. The end result is the best service in the market. We play online games, too. We know how important it is that concerns are addressed timely and professionally.
    ! 7. Our Experience
    ! Our founders have the experience to make sure the job is done right. We’re not a fly-by-night cable garage operation funded by some rich kid’s dad. Our guys have been in the trenches and have founded and run successful Internet and computer engineering services businesses since 1989.
    ! We founded one of South Florida’s first and leading ISPs, and one of the nation’s first Linux server hardware engineering firms. We’ve been administering high-performance Internet game servers since Tribes I.
    ! Hardware, Internet, and Gaming all comes together here at Trinity. Our experience work for you, and you can count on us.
    ! 8. Our competition
    ! That’s right. Our competition. We’re so confident that you’ll choose Trinity when you’ve researched the competition that we invite you to take a look around the web and see what our competition offers and compare us to them.
    ! Thank you for choosing Trinity Games.
    ! Trinity Gaming accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal,Google Checkout.

    Free Server Promotion:
    We have a special deal for you today ! The First 10 customers will get 1x 12 slot Server for free for 2 months ( Chicago Only) . It just does not stop there that discount can continue… All depends on how popular your server is . Just a few small details before you order your free server.

    • Must have Clan/Community Website
    • Must have Trinity logo/Link on your website
      *Server Name must include yes you can put whatever else you want there.
    • Must fill out order form with real / valid contact information
      During checkout make sure you use this code

    ! chivalryfree
    Link/URL to the Free server promotion … oduct=1371

    IF you are not interested for the free server promotion need more slots than you can view our list of choices using this link . … tGroup=139
    Server locations:
    ST. Louis MO
    Washington DC
    Buffalo NY
    Orlando FL,Dallas TX
    Houston TX
    Chicago IL
    San Jose CA
    Seattle Wash. Canada West
    London UK
    Amsterdam EU
    Singapore Asia
    Germany EU
    France EU
    Canada Montreal

    Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to serve you.

  • Hi Guys only a few more left . …

  • Hey guys thanks a lot for the server!!! I just wanted to post this here so more and more people pay attention to this post. I just got a server off trinity games coz me and my clanmates had been playing this game and chopping off heads. We’ve had a server for BF3 from trinity before so when i heard they were offering chivalry too i just had to have it for my clan! It is true…they are no nonsense and always available on their website. They helped out setting up server and all that and stuff so are very helpful…and best thing i didnt mention is their dirt cheap rates. I dont know why this company isn’t so popular with the rates and quality of service they offer. They are playing in the big leagues with other service providers so i guess its only a matter of time before they become a huge ass server provider lol Anyways just wanted to put in my two cents for all their hardwork they put in to keep the servers updated and their support…it’s my money well spent! Cheers! now im off to chopping heads! :D

  • Thank you for the very nice comments

  • We currently have a 1 server special 75% off any size server can only be used once
    click on spoiler to reveal code > only valid for 1 server purchase whomever uses it the code will deactivate. Good Luck

    ! CHIV75NOW

  • Could you run a quick test server in singapore for a day or two? Some of my friends have difficulty connecting to particular hosts in SG and it would be nice to test it out before committing to anything.

  • Sure -
    PM sent on this forums for the test info.

  • Thanks! Worked out great.

    I ended up renting a 32 slot server. Good pings, and a nice admin/config webpage.

  • Thank you for your nice comments

  • Weekend specials now active

  • 64 Player servers use CODE 10Off to get $10.00 USD off per month for a 64 slot server Only valid for the first 3 customers…

  • hi i just got a 12 slot server but now im wondering what my next step is?

    there werent any instructions as to what to do afterwards

    edit: all is well! server is great, ping is fine, and the customer service is out of this world! life is beautiful

  • Thanks for the update glad your happy.

  • 25% Off Specials on 48 slot

  • We are near our Chivalry server giveaway - That’s first 2 free months . The code is in this thread :) Happy findings.

  • We revived a lot of requests so we have extended the giveaway for another 48 hours

  • We have now closed out the free month promotions . However you can get get your server at a great price.

  • Get ready for the weekend Trinity Games loves playing this game so much . This weekend we are going just about to give servers away.

    Round 1 ( Friday) NOW ACTIVE
    First 5 Customers 40% off life ( 24 slots or more must be purchased)

    ! Decapitation

    Round 2 (Saturday)
    First 5 Customers 30% off life ( 24 slots or more must be purchased)

    ! LIMS

    Round 3 (Sunday)
    First 5 Customers 20% off life ( 24 slots or more must be purchased)

    ! Too soon Code coming soon

  • @TrinityGames:

    64 Player servers use CODE 10Off to get $10.00 USD off per month for a 64 slot server Only valid for the first 3 customers…

    Just noticed this post; does this mean you have achieved the Holy Grail of a stable 64 player server?

  • @Reginhard:


    64 Player servers use CODE 10Off to get $10.00 USD off per month for a 64 slot server Only valid for the first 3 customers…

    Just noticed this post; does this mean you have achieved the Holy Grail of a stable 64 player server?

    I would say we are very close to it .

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