Battlefield Promotions

  • Just an Idea to reduce the horde of archers and knights on the battlefield to a more reasonable level, while giving those player classes a little more glory on the battlefield…

    A player is required to gain one kill before he/she is allowed to choose the archer/knight class when killed. Example: First round no one is an archer/knight class, but anyone gaining at least one kill before dieing that round gains access to the archer/knight classes next life, if they choose. They require another kill before dieing to keep the archer/knight classes open for them next re-spawn. Otherwise, they have to become another peon until achieving another kill.

    Archers and Knights can battle cry with honor as they are worthy of their new lofty status! ;)

  • This would lead to even more Vanguards (most likely with giant team hurting swords)… :?

  • Classes are tactical options to help your team do the objective, they are not the way teams must divide equally their players.

    Noobs will be noobs whatever class they play, they just need time.

  • A VERY bad idea according to me. A team with 1 archer, 1 MAA, 1 Vanguard and 9 Knights can still outplay a more balanced team. There is no need to force class balance because of this, and because it usually sorts itself out.

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