Arrows sometimes dont do Any damage

  • I have seen alot of times were i have shot People Right in the chest but they dont take Any damage at all. I have Also seen that i an able to hit people in the head, their helmet pops Off but again no damage taken. From what i have seen this doesnt happen that often but often enough that i have been killed a couple of times because of it.

  • Happened to me today, I headshot a knight with a bodkin arrow and his helm flew right off, I thought bodkins were supposed to piece the armor??

  • I concur on this happening to me over and over. I’ve played archer from rank 0-43 and it happens all the time, I will shoot an arrow see it hit their head with their hat/helmet coming off but they will take no damage.

  • +1, maybe they hack? either way fix :)

  • How do you know they take no damage?

  • @fvonb:

    How do you know they take no damage?

    I play Archer very rarely but I know for a fact Bodkin Arrows (Warbow obviously, there’s currently no reason to play any other Bow) one hit Vanguards to the head. I’ve hit Vanguards in the head many times, watched their helmets fall off, then preceeded to hit them 3 times with a Shortsword in order to kill them. It’s extremely frustrating because it’s seemingly random.

  • Maybe something related to when arrows go whizzing a mile past your face then you randomly take damage half a second later because it actually hit you?

  • I think this is connected to a problem many games have, the client side detection is not the same as the server side. Though this shouldn’t happen often though, as the game doesn’t use any other “antilag” than the standard which comes from UE (I am guessing). Meaning most of the calculations is done by the server.

    An example of this is in BF:BC you sometimes get shot in the head by snipers, you see blood splatter everwhere. But you don’t really get hit, because the server says it’s a miss.

  • Ok seriously is this being fixed at all? Do the devs even know about this bug? Like 5 times on one map ill get a headshot see their helmet pop off and they take NO DAMAGE, its getting really irritating.

  • It really is an issue. I was using a Ballista on battlegrounds against 2 mason archers and “missed” them 4 times, even though I hit them directly in the chest, face, legs.
    My ping was 40ms too, and no one on the masons had over 100ms, so this really needs to be looked into.

  • I thought it was just me with this bug.

  • On the issue of projectile hit detection, I found this hilarious:

    ~17:03 in to catch what happens 2 seconds later.

    We hear the arrow hit the mantlet.
    We see the arrow fly a fair way above his head.
    He dies anyway.

  • Can confirm that this happens a lot to me, I’ve had my arrow phase through an enemy only to hit my teammate behind them despite the fact I saw the enemies helmet fly off.

    Irritating as shit when I have around 20-40ms latency while playing and at most I’m playing against people with 50-80ms, never had issues at that ping in other games so I don’t see why Chiv has to be special :<

  • Lol I thought I was just super pro shooting off an archers helmet without dealing any damage.

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