Best Bug Ever

  • I really wish I’d been recording this, or had thought to take screenshots sooner.

    Basically what happened was me and some enemy both jumped and attacked eachother at the same time; he hit me, I don’t know if I hit him, because after taking the hit (just a longsword slash against a full health knight - I saw the damage and knew I wasn’t dead) my view went into 3rd person and my guy started to ragdoll down the hill. Like, really erratically ragdolling down the hill; flopping and flailing, doing barrel rolls, jerking around. There was no death animation beforehand, the game still counted me as alive (my health regenerated), and my guy didn’t even drop his weapons. Luckily it was the very end of the map; we won 10 seconds later, but I couldn’t do anything in that period of time.

    There are the screens I thought to take after about five seconds of rolling; I missed the best parts, but you should get a rough idea of what this looked like.

  • Haha, awesome xD

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