I was King once, it was awful.

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  • Usually he lasts around 30 seconds so you did great.

  • Phahaha, I had no idea bare minimum was that low!

  • The Mason king is harder to defend/survive as than the Agatha king, in my opinion. Hope it’s not just me, though. I think this map is hard for the Masons, either way. So many directions the enemies can come from. Compare it to defending Agatha’s king, it’s a big open room much like in Citadel, but the difference is that the Masons can only attack straight ahead - either by taking the wide open area in the middle, or the narrow paths to the sides. If the King just hang around any of the spawn points, he’ll make it most of the time, unless teams are unbalanced. In Citadel, the room is round and the Agathians can flank the king rather easily.

  • Naw, you’re absolutely right. Stoneshill, with its two long and narrow corridors and one wide staircase is a very direct confrontation, inevitably encouraging and rewarding turtle defenders. But Citadel actually calls upon the King’s men to actually put an effort: running around cutting off choke points and trying not to get too scattered.

    My team did all the work here, and they did it really well.

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