Chivalry as an "eSport"

  • Hey guys! So some of you may know that I’m a huuuuge eSports fan and follow all the major tournaments. For those of you who aren’t aware of what an eSport is, it stands for Electronic sports. It’s like watching professional football, but instead of football, it’s people playing video games professionally. Games that are popular in the eSport community consist of: Starcraft, Warcraft 3, League of Legends, Halo, ect. I noticed that Chivalry has a HUGE potential of becoming a popular eSport but there are a few problems with both the game and the community.

    Already, mini competitions are already taking place in the community, but they lack the proper publication. Clan “scrims” are very popular and honestly, pretty fun to watch and I’m certain players would love to watch if they were informed. I was given the opportunity to stream a scrim of two clans last night and had a decent amount of viewers for little publication. Sorry about this, but I’m going to compare Chivalry to Starcraft for a second. Both games have popular “clans” that go head to head against each other for practice or titles. But in Starcraft, these battles are well publicized to the community by Blizzard itself and other players. Not only are these matches fun to watch for both games, they help new players improve.

    Obviously, the game isn’t fine polished and work is still needed to be done. Which is true with any game. But things will get better in time. We’ll see!

    Finally the last thing that I want to adress is the community. As someone who has been involved in many different gaming communities, one thing has stayed the same throughout. People don’t want to watch people who are stuck up and that’s something I’ve noticed with the clans in this game. I will never call out names but I will say I did hear a lot of complaining and people getting upset because of “trash talk”. Honestly, trash talk is what can really make a streamer or a clan popular. VERY good examples would be Firebathero, IdrA, Stephano, or Destiny who are all Starcraft 2 streamers. They all participate in acts that are “bad mannered” but they’re some of the most popular streamers who play Starcraft 2. People who freak out about the smallest amount of “Trash talk”, honestly are annoying and aren’t fun to watch. I understand that the community is a bit more mannered than others, but if Chivalry is ever going to be popular with streams and tournaments, this is going to need fixing. I’m not saying being BM (bad mannered) is okay… but overreacting about something so tiny is much worse in the streaming community.

    I enjoy Chivalry and I feel it has a lot of potential but small things need to be worked on. I hope you take what I say to heart and understand that I’m not calling anyone out but trying to make the game more popular.

  • I guess I am from the generation which is like um eSport wtf is that???

    Ok so you explained it.

    So I watched the ESL recently and I was pretty impressed by the commentating and the competition was actually quite exciting.

    I agree there is a lot of potential, but right now the marketing sucks ass because in order to find these competitions you have to stumble across a forum post where someone has posted a link.

    They need a chivalry specific website e.g. or something which posts links to all the streamed content.

    What makes it more exciting is like the UFC, when you have watched enough matches you start to get a feel for teams and star players. For example I watched a bunch and Crushed is routinely the lead player. Never would have noticed him on the forums though he posts plenty. But after seeing him in action I’m like wow what a total bad ass (well in a video game way). Because of that I totally ignore all the bashing VK got lately haha.

    Considering a website costs like $80 and not much more to setup webpages TBS would do well do promote this aspect of the game because people like me would care less otherwise, but it gets kind of addictive to see good players in action. You see a team dominate and then you think damn they are unbeatable - until you see them lose !

  • It’d probably need demo support to really get competition going - which without searching the forums I can imagine being a big ask for the dev team. Not everyone can stream, and demo support helps the smaller games in the smaller leagues that are vital to building a big/major league.

    Maybe people are more trusting now and cheating is less of an issue (bwahahahaa), but in the heyday of Quake 3 (the last time I really followed competitive gaming), demos were vital for showing that everyone had played honestly - some leagues wanted them for dealing with disputes/complaints, then as cheating became more prevalent, they became a standard requirement.

    UDK probably has dozens of cheats - a quick Google says there are whole paysites dedicated to cheating - Jesus, some people really are worthless pricks.

    Anyway, demo support would be a big help.

  • The Starcraft competitive community was built up as a grassroots movement over ~a dozen years. Starcraft 2 is more widely popular nowadays because Esports and gaming in general is just more accepted and it looks better than Brood War did.

    You can’t expect Chivalry to just all of a sudden become extremely popular without passionate community members driving the popularity and exposure. We need tournament organizers who are dedicated and can ensure smooth matches with as little “dead time” as possible as well as entertaining casters that know what they are talking about and can fill time with amusing stories or just interesting talk.

    Most importantly, it’s on Torn Banner to provide a better spectator mode and smooth out the game itself so that it is as bug-free and as balanced as possible. That’s a minor thing in the big picture, however, and certainly getting the game out there so that people want to watch is the first step.

    I already think this game would be amazing to play over LAN, a lot of the issues that come up are directly related to having anything above 60 ping. Once you have played some matches at ~40 ping, it feels vastly different at 90-100ms of delay.

    We are starting to see encouraging things however, like the upcoming 5v5 LTS tournament that will have a substantial prize pool and multiple streams available.

    It is the community’s responsibility, however, to push the popularity of the game and make people want to watch

    As an aside, I watched your stream for a minute Meow, but the quality turned me off immediately (540p or something). You should tell Nick, Height or myself what software/hardware you’re running, since there might be a way to improve the quality of the stream =] If that was just a one-off and you usually get 720p+ quality, there could still be room for improvement, who knows.

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