Choosing swing direction when comboing

  • Simple. LMB after a stab/overhead does the usual right to left, alt LMB or whatever key you mapped it to does left to right.

    At the moment your LMB swing direction during combo depends on your weapon’s position after the preceding strike. While you can simply remember where your next swing will come from, it would be more tactically flexible if we get to choose.

  • Right, so how would you animate, say, me swinging right to left, then comboing into another right-to-left swing?

    It’s just physically impossible to move that way, so it is the way it is. With overheads it would be easier, but it still requires an extra motion. Think of the way someone swings a katana, overhead slashes diagonally right to left, right to left, right to left. But in between every slash, there is a circle back to the other side, you can’t do it in one combo without those extra movements and thus the speed gain of comboing is basically negated with the extra movement.

    So sure it’s possible for overhead swings, but still makes no mechanical sense.

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