• Why is the archers perk run speed? No point because any class can catch you… Oh and please fix the bow bug that has been in this game since release. (As you are shooting your bow, once you get hit, it locks up and you can’t switch weapons, shoot, nothing…)

    I love archer, but since everyone and their mothers are using Knights, it gets old shooting them four times. (Which makes no sense, since I have shot many in the face, after knocking off their helmet, yet they still live).

    Please fix fists, it is impossible to judge the hits because it looks like they are still swinging when they actually hit you… Really terrible addition (My opinion).

    Also, feint needs to be revamped because block takes way longer to reactivate then their follow up swing (Which again is really unrealistic because you can’t fake swing a heavy two hand sword and then follow up that fast, impossible).

    Thank you for reading.

  • So much with your post is wrong.

    First off, the archer perk is not running speed. It is in fact a 50% backstab damage increase when attacking an enemy from behind. This very website could have told you that but I expect nothing more from the chivalry community. Archers just have a good running speed just as a light armoured class should.A good archer will not get himself in the situation of being chased anyway. The archer hides behind the team taking shots when he can to support his team mates. If the chase mechanic was not employed in this game it would mean that certain classes such as the archer would simply be a troll class. Taking shots when you want and then whenever anybody gets close you just switch to your secondary and run away because they can’t catch you. If it’s taking you four shots to kill a knight then you’re obviously using the wrong arrow type. Broadhead counters man at arms and archer and Bodkin counters the more heavily armoured classes such as the vanguard and knight especially. Make sure you take note of that next time you’re in the weapon selection screen.

    Secondly, slygoat stated on the official news board in the threat beta patch 1.5 that “Fists now use normal weapon tracers and deal appropriate hitbox damage, making them more precise to hit with and less forgiving - you can now duck and sidestep punches properly. Let the tavern brawls truly begin!” which means that fists will take alot more skill to kill with which is just how it should be. Now it will be actually embaressing when you are killed with fists just like it was in Age of Chivalry.

    Thirdyly again, if you bothered to actually read the forums you’d know that feints have been a widely talked about topic and the devs realise this. That is the focus of the upcoming second patch which will focus game mechanics and balance and as slygoat stated in the beta 1.5 thread;

    "Feint changes - first pass only, subject to change:

    -The last .15 of an attack windup is unfeintable.
    -Feinting from a combo has a .1 longer recovery.
    -Attacks made after a feint cannot be feinted."

    These changes of course are only experimental and will not be included in this upcoming patch although it clearly shoes that the developers are responding to the community and doing their absolute best to balance this awesome game as best they can.
    Just be patient, all we can do is wait….or
    tease the devs to make them work faster ;)

  • Best and most informative reply I have ever gotten. Thank you

    I will take your reply and execute them in game.

    Thanks again!

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