All Characters Moving Slowly

  • Im having an issue where all my characters are moving very slowly.

    Sprint is working however it is also extremely slow.

    Its slow with all characters, for example if my man at arms is sprinting straight from spawn a knight will overtake him by a fair bit.

    I cant seem to find the issue and the normal running speed is also alot slower.

    I have asked many other people in-game about this glitch however it only seems to be me who is getting it.

    The game has been working fine and this has only occurred the last two days.

    I have checked that i have not changed the button configuration and my vanguards can perform the sprint lundge just very slowly.

    Im going to re install the game and see what happens however i thought that I would let you know about it.

    I will keep you updated on if this is fixed after I re-install.

  • Maybe your char got crouched? It is a known bug, when duck-key get stucked and do not allow you to stand and move with normal speed.

  • Is everyone else moving at “normal speed” then?

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