Realism mode / stamina management

  • I want to propose a change, but it could potentially unbalance a lot. Imagine this: What would happen if stamina regeneration would be made slower and depending on how much stamina you still have.
    I would explain it like this. One swing does not exhaust you and if you wait a short moment, you will be good as new. However if you exhaust yourself and loose all of your stamina, you are done for and it would take a larger amount of time to recover. Basically what this means is that stamina management would become more important and you would have to fight more realistic, as in not waste all your strength on one opponent when there are a lot more to come. Team management would also become important so you could send someone in who is fit, while you go back to recover your lost strength (as was done in medieval times).
    Of course this would require more actions to be dependant on stamina and perform differently when that stamina bar is getting low. Damage could be linear to your stamina, if it dips below 1/4th left. Movement speed of sprinting would gradually slow down, once you become exhausted and another example could be that you wouldn’t be able to use your heavy tower shield effectively in blocking anymore (but I do not know how to implement that right now, maybe shield sway, so it is easier to hit around it?).

    Do you think there is room for this idea? Would really love to see more realism make it into the game. It would also make archers more viable, since they could in addition to draining health also drain stamina, if they hit an important part of the body (leg, stomach). Then of course you would need to make plate armor and helmets more tough against arrows, but heavy armor would slow stamina regeneration even more, so that heavy knight would be a real fool to sprint everywhere.

  • I think the game would be more fun and better without it.

  • This seems like a lot of work for something that very few people would be interested in.

  • @SlyGoat:

    This seems like a lot of work for something that very few people would be interested in.

    It was also meant for the people that feel that heavy armor is not balanced enough in the running speed department or archers feeling too strong/weak and useless, so you have another angle to give them an interesting gameplay aspect. Also people were mentioning that stamina does not really seem to play a role, since it regenerates too quickly, found in the initial impressions pinned thread. And last but not least, it would add more complexity to the combat system while retaining its current gameplay, just that you would need to watch your stamina more closely. Making the stamina more notable to players by heavy breathing would also give more atmosphere for example, while providing direct feedback, without people having to look on the bar all the time.

  • we already have this for health regeneration I think It doesn’t really change much except that you have to hide longer before coming back to a fight (Considering you’re a coward who goes hiding when he looses HP hehehe).

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