Mouse Lag (FPS is fine)

  • I’m sure there are other posts on this but i cant find them, all i find is post about fps lag and i dont suffer from that at all.

    My mouse lags its delayed, no matter what settings i run mouse is not running smooth at all. I tried a some fixes but with no difference at all. I tried running the game with all settings on Low/Off and no difference. I’m currently running it at max settings with v-sync off and fps is hard-capped at 62 no matter if I’m in idle or full out combat.

    My rig:
    Phenom II 6 core 3.2 GHz
    16 Gb worth of 1600Hz Ram
    AMD HiS 6990 4Gb video card
    100/100 Mbit connection.
    Genuine Windows 8

    My computer should not have issues running this game, witch it don’t except for my mouse. If its any help I’m using a Logitech G500 mouse. And all my drivers are up to date. (last checked today)

    If anyone have any help to sort this out id be forever grateful.

  • Oh thank you!
    The pro-gamer way worked!

    A golden star to Menthalion for the quick and very well written reply.

  • Good to see it works and you can play this great game. Thanks for the star, but just glad to be of help !

    That mouse acceleration fix is a godsent, works with loads of games that don’t support raw mouse input. I set it up as one of the first things on every computer I play games on.

  • Thanks Menthalion! Protip!

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