Unrealism mode / gore and damage modelling

  • Another idea would be an unrealistic mode where the loss of a limb would not mean that you would be out of action. Imagine the following:
    Every player has a lot of health, much more than right now.
    The dismemberment of a limb would not kill a player instantly, but rather it would make him start bleeding and loose health gradually. Loosing a leg would limit movement speed, loosing both legs would make you shuffle along the ground with your arms as legs. Loosing one would mean slow walking speed hopping. Loosing both arms means you could only kick. Beheading would make you blind-ish and bleed out really fast, so you could get in a few strikes before you fall over. Headless chicken mode.

    Basically in my head, this mode would require people to strategically aim for limbs to kill a person and not for good strikes on the chest. I do not know if it is possible to implement, maybe in a future mod. It is mostly meant for fun, but could lead to interesting duels as well. The problem is probably mostly in coding, since you would need to remove weapons or shield, once arms are lost and of course the fresh movent system once both legs are gone.

    Another feature thinkable could be that you would be able to pick up limbs and heads from the ground and use them as flail-ish weaponry or in the case of the head, a throwing weapon.

    This idea is probably totally silly and out of bounds of the current mechanic, but I just wanted to put it out there and hear other peoples thoughts. The idea mostly comes from the situation when you loose an arm and still stand there for a while. Or when an arm is partially detached and dangling around.

  • That’s a mix of the health system that you find in most game and the body part system that you see in a few games like dwarf fortress or Kenshi. It’s not a bad idea, I even find the body part idea more fun in a way, but I think we can have something way more simple: A health bar with more damage inflicted depending where you strike. We already have this for the head…maybe we could have that for weak points in the armor, but I’m mostly satisfied with the current way of doing killing people :)

  • The point of the idea was to turn the health bar into a blood-meter (did not say it, but secretly it was) and remove fatal strikes, so only when you bleed out, you are dead.

    You are right on with Dwarf Fortress though. :D
    The idea isn’t meant as a replacement, but maybe as a fun gamemode or mod-idea (which we will probably see more of soon enough?).

  • @UsF:

    Another idea would be an unrealistic mode where the loss of a limb would not mean that you would be out of action.

    I sincerely hope I’m not the only one thinking of The Holy Grail. :D

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