Javelin Shield bug.

  • Hey, so there is a frequent bug that is easily repeatable. Basically if you throw a Javelin, it is incredibly difficult to immediately raise your shield afterwards. So much so that it means you suffer from countless bug related deaths as your shield does not raise.

    Far from an issue of balance, I think this is fundamentally broken. I throw with my right arm, does that mean my left arm is useless? The recovery time after throwing definitely needs a buff.

    The actual glitch is that I have thrown the Javelin, raised my shield, but then it drops back down (without animating) and raises again. By that time a mace is already embedded into my skull.

    The point of giving a Javelin guy a shield and only 5 ammo, I assume, is to enable them to fight in close quarters. This is redundant due to the fact that throwing a javelin at an approaching enemy, then trying to raise your shield to deflect their blow is impossible unless they give you a very, very generous window of opportunity.

  • Its not a bug, they block the queue on purpose to prevent you from throwing multiple javelins in a row. You cannot do anything after throwing the javelin.

    It is annoying I agree, I have complained about it in the past. It would be nice if they only blocked throwing javelins but not blocking the shield.

    Best advice is stick with the Short Spear as the block is not as lengthy as say the heavy javelin and ultimately you have to only throw a spear if you have enough time to recover. Your opponents tend to assume you will throw one so if they are charging at you surprise them with a charge forward and stab instead. Then they are usually shocked enough that you can throw another quick spear in their face.

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