I Want Answers!

  • Hello everyone,
    I think this topic has been posted already but I wanna share my version of it either way.
    It was about 3 months ago when I noticed it.
    I were playing with my favourite archer, and launched a perfect shot, killing the charging Vanguard on the spot. But as he fell down to his knees, gurgling, I noticed that my arrow was gone! It had vanished as soon as I hit the guy! I immediately tried on other people, and with other weapons.
    After that, I can now state the following: arrows are no longer sticking out of bodies and shields. Same goes for throwing knives, axes and spears.
    This is a catastrophy! I loved having people lying dead with arrows in their guts, and I love to show archers how they waste their arrows on my shield, and see the face of the man-at-arms as my throwing knife pierces his eye.
    Is this a bug? Why hasn’t it been corrected yet then? It must be pretty obvious by now, so why not correct it? Is it because it’s a CHANGE? Like, did you decide to remove that feature? Why then?
    I Want Answers.

  • <uninformed guess="">I would assume it’s to cut down on seeing people running around with javelins in their faces and still fighting, which is a damn shame because it’s one of my fav sights in the whole game. Then again, it is one of the most screenshotted lulzy moments.
    Meh, I can’t speak for the devs, but I’m sure they have a reason. I, too, definitely want to see projectiles back to sticking out of targets, as well as picking them back up more reliably (instead of sometimes yes sometimes no).</uninformed>

    Oh yeah, and your thread title could really use a more descriptive headline.

  • It’s a bug for sure.

  • Ah, splendid! Human pin cushions shall make their return! I’m happy.

  • @buddhatron:

    Ah, splendid! Human pin cushions shall make their return! I’m happy.

    Yeah those were fun times, but dont hold your breath for the return.
    I doubt it will even be in the patch 2.

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