A few things that need fixings.

  • Last team standing - Get rid of this. Chilvary is a game were you die a lot. one lucky stab or friendly fire and your off to the penalty box for as long as that one archer on either team runs away and stops the round from ending. this usually results in either a full 32/32 server dropping to less than half and/or the remaining people waiting for re-spawn get “kicked for inactivity by server” because that 1 archer won’t fight or die.

    Team Death Match - only 1 change needed. FIRST TEAM TO X KILLS WINS, GAME OVER. The problem is when the game is nearing the end and 1 team stops respawning. as i said before Last team standing needs to be removed.

    Game Modes on servers - Nothing is more anoying than finding some fun people to play with on the settings of your choice only to have the game mode change and everyone leaves for the reasons listed above.

    Class Changing - I hope this has been mentioned or addressed before but why is it that you get taken out / left out of the respawn counter whenever i open the class select screen? i should be able to bring up the character screen at any point (with class changes at next respawn)

    Free For all (Fists only) - comic fun for all of 1-2 min after that again i see everyone leaving most likely to find a Team Objective or deathmatch server.

    other than that, great game. keep up the good work. and i can only hope that the ground work laid for FPS meele combat gets used in more games much like the health regen of Halo is seen in almost all fps games now.

  • You are kidding with ur first “demand” correct? I personally hate LTS, for the reason you listed… but why would they remove it when a lot of people like it? If you don’t like it - don’t play it - really that simple. Now changing the expectation that whenever you scrim you should play LTS, that I agree with.

    I agree that when I try and change class or setup and miss the spawn timer that it’s stupid I have 2 wait for the next spawn wave… it’s prbably just a bug that should be fixed.

    And game mode changing is fine… it doesnt happen on the official servers and most of the other servers say what game modes they do… but i agree that the server browser should indicate if it has multiple game modes and what those are. many people like the variety of game modes.

    Overall I rank your post a C… dont know why I am being a jerk, I just didn’t like your tone on things that didnt even make sense.

  • why would u take off LTS? doesn’t make sense, just don’t play it! I prefer LTS over TDM for your life actually count, so you actually care about what you do, well more if you gotta wait to respawn…if you don’t like it, perhaps it’s because you die too soon too often? TDM is pretty much like an FFA in my opinion while LTS and TO needs teamwork and skills

  • Hes obviously new and doesn’t realize there are different servers for different modes.

  • I really like Last team standing.

    I like the exciting ending of Team Death Match.

    There are servers that only have 1 game mode and other servers that mix and match.

    Yeah the class changing is a bit annoying but I can wait 8 seconds.

    Free for all fists only? Worst idea ever.

  • Never remove Last Team Standing, I love that mode. It makes your one single life extra precious and you won’t throw yourself on some foe’s sword as daringly as you would in Team Death Match. Many times you see people bunch up, especially the throne room map, and have a poking match at eachother with a lot of parries and shield blocks, just like true medieval warfare hehe! :)

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