Stab attack?

  • Is it me or since last update I see more and more poke attack going through shields or block? Whats up with that? most of the time I see the stab going slightly to the ground but wtv if I poke with spear on the legs of someone holding a shield it gets blocked anyway so what it is then?

  • I’ve noticed this too. It doesn’t matter how accurate your aim is when you block, there is always this chance the stab will go straight through your parry or shield. Certain weapons are worse than others but in general the stab is pretty bugged.

  • There’s a bug at the moment where you can bypass parry/block if you aim at a certain sweet spot even from the front or any angle in fact.

  • Oh and I guess it’s part of the game for every one that use it…lol

  • If you face hug someone and are right up in their business and stab straight down towards their left leg, you can stab right through the shield somewhat consistently.

    There is also mouse dragging that enables you to get around shields sometimes.

    And then there are little bugs.

    And if you’re using the buckler you should just accept your fate.

  • Yawn. Still waiting for this to get fixed.

  • its ridiculous that the mouse drag get through defense, its like if the sword toss through the enemy body from a direction, then dammage occurs…

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