Dev appreciation thread

  • dev are hard at work on the next patch as per usual! they are slow because of dedication imo dont you want the next patch to be good like the last ones

    the game is fine how it is so shut up about hotfixes please

    i cant wait to make my knight look rad with super cool helmet :))

    feint is blanaced and fun with no issues why is everyone complaining!? devs just ignore them they don’t know what they are talkin gabout :/

    sdk is dumb it will just make things difficult… the only thing im mad about currently :/ please add in more giant sword thank you

  • why is no one posted? >:/

  • Knack if you’re going to try trolling, at least make it funny and more subtle.

    Your repeated attempts are tiresome. Find something somewhere else to fill your obvious craving for attention please.

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