Invasion of rank 36

  • It continues, now it is the invasion of level 38

    Half of the players! One might think that we are on a very skill server, but no.

    Is it me or it goes unnoticed? It’s still quite a bug, many players want to reboot the stats because of that, and can not be filtered according to the player’s rank on our duel server, is a hassle.

  • I had thought something was off about the ranks…

    I remember thinking “Wow, there sure are a lot of rank 35+ players these days, not going to be able to get many easy kills any more”, then after a few games “Why are all of these rank 35+ players so bad? They’re TKing and failing parries and whiffing shots all over the place.”

    Come to think of it, I’m only rank 39. I’d better hurry up and get to 40 before my rank becomes indistinguishable from those who don’t spend way too much time playing this game.

    Edit: Come to think of it again, I vaguely remember thinking “wait, didn’t I already reach rank 37?” some time ago… is it possible that my rank got reset to 36 as well and I just didn’t care enough to notice?

  • And here I am 220 hours and still sitting on Rank 33 :(

    At-least skill isn’t defined as a number :D

  • I’m 260ish hours and rank 38, all hard earned. A few people I know have had the rank bug, one guy I know bought the game on a second account to start fresh with his stats. Worked all the way up to level 24, saw him last night and he’s level 38. Asked him wtf? He said that he joined some LTS server and his rank shot up to 38 from a few kills.

    No idea what causes this :?

  • I’m past 330 steam hours and only hit Rank 39 a few days ago…

    Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I got reset at some point. No wonder it felt like it was taking forever to reach 40, and why I had a vague feeling of deja vu every time I ranked up in the last few weeks.

  • @Dibbz:

    I’m past 330 steam hours and only hit Rank 39 a few days ago…

    No, it is normal for you! This is the other rising too fast!

    To give you an idea of ??the true progression: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12240

    I know one who is level 39 and is below 100 hours is anything :D

  • I’m still sure I’ve reached rank 37 & 38 twice. Wasn’t set back by much, but if my rank wasn’t glitched then I’m officially bonkers.

    Although I wouldn’t be too surprised if I actually was just bonkers.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are you became definitely rank 40? Are you still rank 40 even after several parties and other servers?

  • This happened to me. I was just playing a game. On the map where you are supposed to pillage the village. (Can’t remember the name of the map atm) And I killed an archer and whent from rank 5 to rank 28! I have absolutely no clue to what happened.
    As you can see in the picture below.

  • Generally when I play lower level players, I try to give them an easy time but be challenging enough so they can try develop new skills. I have seen though when going full difficulty on level 35+ that some of them play no better or the same as level 5’s. I haven’t asked them but I presume they would’ve been victim of this bug.

    In regards to hours played/rank, I have 273 hours played and I’m level 39. I felt like I was itching on 40 but after looking at UDKstats.ini I am still a fair amount of kills off the next level.

  • hello.

    yep, i am rank 39 with just 13 hours as a new player. ive been on many different servers and would not be able to tell which one caused it, if it infact is a server problem, but yeah - it was very upsetting to be believing for 2 days that i was infact rank 39 due to decent gameplay on my part - to then find it was just a bug.

    what’s even worse is that once i found out this was a bug, i started playing badly! and it has not stopped… believing i was actually rank 39 i was killing lots of people and not just easy kills - lots of parrys and blocks and movements, and now… knowing it is a bug i have all of a sudden become rubbish at the game.

  • Hehe, psyched yourself out did you? :P

    I do hope they fix this bug soon. I’d rather like to know who is genuinely someone I can let loose on and fight mercilessly and who is a newbie who I should go easy on so as to not scare him off.

    PS: Maybe I am crazy… I play MaA most of the time, which nets me far less kills than when I play Vanguard/Knight who are better suited for sweeping through crowds and surviving clustf@#ks, so that might explain why my rank is lower than my play time might predict.

    Though I know for a fact that I hit rank 36/37 twice. Probably just temporary glitches that didn’t actually decrease my rank, just decreased my sanity.

    On a related note I’ve hit Rank 1 about 12 times now. Getting set to rank 0 until I rejoin the server is starting to become a frequent occurrence, especially with the free weekend.

  • Yes it got pretty common that most people are displayed as rank 0 (the weapons are still unlocked though) and if you kill some people you either get to level 1 or 5. At least that’s my experience.
    Today I played on a server and upon map change at least half of the 32 people were shown as rank 5 as was mine. Upon another map change the levels were back to normal.

    But there is this bug which makes your level permanent. I myself got leveled up from 24 to 34. I have had unlocked most weapons at this point so I didn’t bother much. But for completely new players this takes most of the fun out (besides the chopping of course) as weapons get unlocked and it takes ages to get to the new level. So you have started a few hours ago and have already accomplished a lot by just killing one person.
    And as it seems this bug occurs quite often.
    It’s about time for a notification from TBS I’d say.

  • This just happened to me too. I’ve only logged about 2 hours of gameplay according to steam. Logged in this morning, first match, first kill went from 0 to 36. Unlocked all the weapons for the type I was using at the time too. Kind of choked about it as now rank filters are useless to me and I still have no idea what I’m doing.

  • i thought something was off with the ranks during the free weekend (i joined the fun at the time) and just though to myself… meh must be the massive amount of players oh well still counts my kills and updates from time to time… but yesterday.

    I was rank 9 and suddenly i was 38… what the hell :(

  • My friend who also just started playing this weekend just got bumped up to 29 from 6 too. Is this going to get fixed, or are ranks just meaningless now?

  • @coconuts51:

    Are you became definitely rank 40? Are you still rank 40 even after several parties and other servers?

    The rank bug seems to be permanent. In fact I am now rank 41 despite the fact I have only logged around 20 hours of gameplay. Occasionally I will receive rank up notices which say I am at around rank 25 which I think is possibly my real rank. However 99% of the time on every server I appear as a veteran which can be pretty annoying. I’ve had people call votekicks on me for being too high rank compared to the other players (who were around 20), and quite a few times I’ve had people rant at me about high ranking players picking on less experienced ones or stacking teams.

    I’m getting pretty tired of trying to explain in-game that there is a rank-bug present in the game. Has there been any word from the developers about this particular bug? and if so will it actually be possible for affected players to have their proper rank restored?

  • Oh that explains alot. I haven’t played in quite a while and was surprised to see so many lvl 36ish people. It was a bit fishy though, since most of them can’t live up to their level… they had me almost convinced you can become 36+ with lmb mashing.

    But yea it seems to be a bug, occouring on all servers since I see this all the time and I rarely join the same server twice a week.

  • It’s a bug. I personally got catapulted to level 45, and it hasn’t changed back yet.

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