[SOLVED] 2 VERY annoying problems

  • hey everybody reading this, :)
    I’ve had many bug and glitch problems with chivalry medieval warfare and because I don’t want to reinstall a game every time i find a bug i search the internet for hours to find the solution but this time i couldnt find the solution for my problems so i came here.

    I really love chivalry and normally play it alot (my playcount is over 120 hours :o ), but every time chivalry updates I encounter some annoying bugs. In this case my server filter doesn’t work, I can see and join servers, but I can’t filter out empty or locked servers, I can’t search for servernames, or gamemodes. The servernames bounce around or something and i can’t really select any because then it atomatically selects another one when it automatically refreshes or someting so I can’t really choose where I play. The server browser is just crippled as fuck and it’s really annoying. :|
    I mean I know in Africa people are dying of starvation and dehidration but to me this is a very annoying issue.

    The second problem is even more annoying and for it I can’t find the solution either, because there are no error messages or whatever: the graphics don’t work. In the graphic menu it says I’m using the highest graphics yet when I play the game it looks like lowest graphics, with blurry textures, no shading and lighting effects, undetailed characters etc.

    And now that I think of it there is a third problem, every time the game updates my game goes laggier and i have to lower a few graphic settings. When I first bought the game and when there was no capture the flag and duel mode yet, i could play with motion blur and dynamic lights and all that kind of cpu eating shit, but then since every update the game runs laggier. and now I ofcourse can’t use the graphics menu because it keeps looking like lowest graphic settings eventhough i change them but it STILL goes laggy as flippin fuck! WHY??! Why so many bogs???!! :x :x :x :x

    If I can submit a suggestion for Torn Banner: please, bugfixes, over 9000 bugfixes to make your game stabel.

  • Try deleting your My Documents\My Games\Chivalry: Medieval Warfare folder.

  • wow thanks! i was a bit suspicious when you said that, but it really works. it did say something about UDK missing or something but i just put that back in and now the game runs smooth again :)

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