Something cool happened last night

  • I was playing on a european server with totally random people. Somebody suggests that if everybody but 1 guy dies on either team, we should do 1v1s to give him a chance. Here’s the result.

    It’s really rare to see people respect eachother like this in any other game.

  • Wow, that’s damn awesome video

  • I always do this unless the last guy is Tibbs. Or Sophax.

    Oh, it was Sophax. Yeah you shouldn’t have given him the chance, he probably would’ve taken you all at once and won.

  • Hah, I was in that video (and had my head cut clean off by the OP!) - you’re right that it’s great when you can get 1 x 1 and others respecting that. Many a time people just charge in regardless of number, so when you have restraint it’s pretty fun.

    Too bad I left before you finished recording! But it saved my dignity, at least ;). Keep making videos - I really would urge as many people to make and upload as many videos as they can to promote the game.

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