There is no Chivalry Among Clans…

  • With 30,000 some odd players in this game you would think that certain asshat clan leaders would be honorable and not recruit members from existing clans……

    The reality is that this game is slowly dieing just like AOC. Instead of recruiting from existing clans, how about fostering the noobs and teaching them? Every single one of our members was recruited either from our OWN server or was a lower rank and we helped to develop their skills. I would never recruit from an existing or active clan. Never have never will. Why? Because it is honorable not to recruit from another existing or active clan specially in a rebuilding cycle. What, is it too difficult for you? Hmmm… Lets see, lets just recruit as many as we can and feed them a bunch of BS and help kill the player base, then you can bitch about how there is no competition while at the same time tell them how you are the best…

    By recruiting from other clans you do not help develop a community you destroy it.

    Way to stay classy Alpha…

    Kila is not a Farm Clan nor will be be scrimmaging you anytime soon… sorry to all the cool guys in your clan, they will remain friends but this is on you… and sadly this is not the first time but it is the last…

  • Not trying to start any kind of major poo-slinging tardfest, but I don’t really see why anyone would want to recruit most of the Kila members… Lots that I’ve come across in game are pretty unpleasant people. Sure, you guys are pretty skilled, but elitist attitudes and general douchebaggery is kinda bad. A few people I know have also mentioned Kila as unpleasant to play with…

    I figured you should know so maybe you could work on your image a bit and it may help you get more members. Again, I want to press the fact this post is NOT meant to start any kind of argument, I know the way I may have worded it might come across as abrasive, but I’m not really sure how else to word it.

    Have a great day, sir! :)

  • From what i’ve seen (I filled in for one of KILA’s members on one occasion) the majority of them are pretty laid-back, and not dicks in any sense of the term. They recognize that some of their members have been jerks and have taken measures against it, so please guys, don’t think that KILA is a scumbag clan, they really aren’t.

  • There is a Kila that is routinely on the EST official servers, never seen bad behaviour.

    Stealing members from other clans is good for drama and political fighting. Makes the ESL even more exciting when two clans hate each other - soap opera ! So please name the clan.

    Maybe the clan member was seduced and left for love? That would be popcorn material too.

  • Maybe the ones I mentioned I caught on a bad day… Who knows. Anyway, I do hope you can get your clan’s situation straightened out with the other clan without it resorting to a bitterness.

  • generalizing clans is so stereotypical

  • I don’t necessarily hate an entire clan, it is usually one or two dirtbag leaders that think their shit don’t stink and have huge problem with ethics. Kila being one of the oldest clans in the game has survived longer than most and will continue.

    There is and always has been a high degree of shit talking against us much of it very undeserved, some not. But then again, talk is cheap and usually worthless. It is actions the speak louder. What what they do, not what they say.

    We are, for the most part a very chill clan and 99% of all the bad elements have gone on to other things. My friends list is full most of the time and mostly with other clan members that I have played with for years. I have never recruited from an active clan. It is called ethics and honor. We pay money for our servers to play and have fun and even recruit. We have trained lots of noobs and some we welcome into the ranks. We don not go and recruit on other clan servers either. That is just shitty so we don’t do it. If someone asks us we will answer questions but not actively recruit and use pressure tactics of existing members from other clans.

    So if you want to scrim with those clans that do this, by all means play. We choose not to play with them at all. It is sad because I do have a few friends in that clan and they give me the inside skinny and even they agreed it is wrong.

  • Should be asking yourself why they left.

  • I know why and it is not really that big of a deal. Point being is active recruiting other clan members like corporate raiders. Some we have basically kicked out, don’t have a problem with them glad they left. I hope you are enjoying his craziness…. :P

  • @Retsnom:

    I know why and it is not really that big of a deal. Point being is active recruiting other clan members like corporate raiders.

    No it’s not. If you don’t have a problem with why your members left, then why do you have a problem with where they went? If they didn’t go to IA, they’d be going somewhere else. A player who wants to quit is going to quit. Being mad about where they’ve gone to ignores the reason of why they quit in the first place. Which should be way more concerning as a clan leader.

  • I do have to agree with you Bada. Quite frankly the point of this thread should have been more on point about the fact that we have had our share of clans bashing kila in the past. For things that old members did, members that aren’t even around anymore. Our clan has only 2 people from the old days and is pretty much all new members. Our image is slightly tarnished due to this and people have problems with us. We are working to improve our image at this point and would appreciate if people would just drop old beefs they have had with us.

    Going out and attacking another clan because a member left is a little childish and promotes the lack of “chivalry” between clans. This is something that was coming, now that I looked who it was who left. It, to me, is not that surprising.

  • The big difference though is that there was and has been ACTIVE recruiting. That is my beef. If a player feels that he isn’t getting enough play time, I get that and that could have been worked out but instead you have another clan cherry picking and pressuring other clan’s members. Point being if someone is one the fence, could be encouraged to help instead of leaving, the pressure from a recruiter is all that more enticing. So I call Bullshit. I don’t necessarily care where they go if it is their choice and they seek out another clan, fine that is on the player. But when you have another clan leader whispering sweet nothings and jerking him off, that is another story.

  • Retsnom I am sorry if you feel I have insulted you, however I didn’t go into your clan and start recruiting everyone, of the grand 2 people that are in ia and used to be in KiLa, they both added me, and came to me asking to join, the one had already left KiLa before coming to me. It is not my fault they left, I did not seek them out and I apologize if you feel that I did.

  • Can’t we all just get along?

  • Two things, First I’ve never heard of Kila as a clan, but judging by the fact the clan leader took the time to post a message that twisted the facts to make it look like he was the injured party and tried to make it look like another clan’s leader is at fault and is a “Asshat” I feel like I need to comment.

    What was the point of this thread? To bring awareness to ia and some suspected active recruitment within KILA? If that was the case, why all the emphasis on bashing another clan leader. Also it seems like you were misinformed about why, how, and/or when they left, because according to Alpha they left before asking to join ia. The fact that you got so upset that you had to post this topic at all, seems like you need to calm down and figure out that perhaps your unreasonable attitude towards something like this that provokes such a negative response from you, MIGHT just be the problem and why they left.

    Just some food for thought. Oh and your post Rets was fairly vulgar and showed how much you DON’T know about interpersonal communication, there are much better ways of getting your point across without slandering other people when you don’t have all the facts.

    Have a great day,

    P.S. Next time don’t go straight for the worst thing you can think of, next time think that perhaps there might be a misunderstanding.

  • anyone who knows me, knows I’m a pretty loyal dude. I tried to build KILA when I joined - even recruited a few unguilded players into KILA. But the core KILA team has been falling apart more than it has been building. I was in a phase of wanting to play actively… I stuck around and tried for as long as I could, but eventually got to the point where I wanted a more active guild. This has NOTHING to do with Alpha or ia. I didn’t really know many of the ia guys - i just know some of them are really good, they scrim a lot, win quite a bit, and I ping pretty well at their servers (most are east coast). As Alpha mentioned, I reached out to them.

    That said, any game ive ever played, people try to recruit people from other clans. Clan leaders for competitive pvp games always try to build their clan with strong players. Even if Alpha did actively go after members of other clans, I wouldn’t hold it against him.

    But I think you posted this just to stir things up and have some fun ;)

  • it’s a game, realize that and no one would ever be mad 8-)

  • As Alpha stated, he did not intentionally go into your clan and recruit active members. Mystikkal has stated that, and I’m inclined to believe that our other former KILA member also quit before he joined ia. We did not promise them anything spectacular: we don’t have all that much more to offer. We, like any other clan, have a few servers, a handful of skilled and friendly players, and regular practices/scrims. If those are the “sweet nothings”, I’d say that is not really our fault. In any case, it seems as though they left for their own reasons, whether clan related or personal. In the future, it may be better to evaluate your members’ expectations and your own as clan leader before coming to any judgment about members leaving and joining other clans.

    All of us in ia. try our very best to be respectful and to contribute positively to the community. I apologize KILA and Retsnom for the misunderstanding and hope that we can move forward from what happened here. On a side note, Cabby, I was not aware of any poor reputation held by a KILA member. I have met a fair amount of you pubbing and have only had good impressions. I hope we can put this misunderstanding behind us and continue to enjoy such an excellent game together.

  • @SHH_:

    We did not promise them anything spectacular: we don’t have all that much more to offer. We, like any other clan, have a few servers, a handful of skilled and friendly players, and regular practices/scrims.

    What?! I was promised sexual favors… f’ing liars!

  • I blame Alpha…

    We do have cake though if that will suffice.

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