Classic TO Server (#15) - 32P - Server hacks

  • Just so the Devs are away of this, the issue with hacks is still in game (either dev or otherwise). On the topic server (Classic TO Server #15 - 32P) on Sunday, April 21 from around 1pm - 3pm, there was a hacker who was not showing on the player list who would chain-fire arrows as an archer, spawned as the King, when targetted in game his name would keep changing every second or two and when he finally let himself show on the server list and a vote was initiated, crashed the server.

    Whoever manages that server might check their IP logs. For that matter, the actual “hacks” are definitely an issue.

  • I saw him in a separate game with the name King Malric, playing as king malric the other day, tking his whole team. Same thing: We voted to kick him, and the server crashed

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