Issue with shadows and crossfire

  • I use crossfire HD Radeon 6970s, and recently noticed that my second gpu was having 0% usage in game with crossfire enabled. I played around with some settings, updated my drivers, and ran radeon pro with crossfire forced. I finally got 70% usage from both gpus, and was satisfied with the framerate improvement.

    Until I noticed that shadows on characters would noticeably flicker as they crossed between light and darkness. I rolled back my drivers to see if that was the issue, but neither the 13.1 or 13.3 beta drivers were the cause.

    So I’m looking for information, if anyone else has a similar set up and has any input on crossfire and Chivalry.

    Turning off crossfire resolves the issue, but I’d like to have the performance of both my gpus.

  • I have this issue on Nvidia SLI forced, but I don’t think there is a fix. I guess after a while I kind of stopped noticing it? The performance boost is far too great to go back to SLI off.

  • Chivalry is known to have issues with multi gpu setups. I don’t think that any of the devs have SLI/CrossFire setups to work with - plus that’s low priority compared to the other bugs that need attention. :(

  • That’s a shame really, I don’t mind having to do work arounds to get performance but I do mind visual glitches.

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