Dedicated Server for *NIX

  • Are there any plans for a dedicated linux server for this unique game?
    If so do you have an ETA as to when it would be ready for beta testing?

    I purchased this game when it was still at Steam Greenlight and have maintained high hopes for it to develop into something viable for our FPS online community. This is about the best First Person Hand to Hand game I’ve ever played, in my 40+ year career as a ‘gamer’. Does anybody remember the standup arcade game ‘Warrior’? ;)

    WINE emulation or any other VM is a non-starter. If Windows was a viable solution as an Internet server, wouldn’t you use it host your website and email?

    If there are no plans for a dedicated linux server could you please share that as well? We can call this horse dead and move on.

    1000 thanks for any information at all.

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