Flag Toss

  • Would be nice to have the option of throwing the flag when you are the flag bearer. Of course, it wouldn’t have much range to it so you couldn’t ally oop a flag throw from across the map from base to base, but maybe have a decent range on the throw and have it deplete a fair chunk of stamina when used (maybe 50-75%).

    Flag could also count as a dangerous projectile so anyone in its path gets speared by it. This could be balanced out by the fact that if they miss or fail to kill them., they’ve essentially thrown the flag at the enemies feet and giving them a free flag return.

    It would help break the stale games of Capture the Flag where you can at least get the flag out of the Vanguard/Knight/Archer bunkers.

    The idea is sort of inspired by Capture the Flag Unreal Tournament style where you gib yourself off an edge and launch the flag through the air towards friendlies, but of course, it would be different in chivalry. :)

    Also maybe make it so the flag can’t be thrown more than once every so often to prevent basketball style team passing. Or leave it in because that would be funny as hell to see.

  • +1

  • +1

  • Reminds me of SWTOR huttball - which was a quite innovative PvP map.

  • I dont care if you can throw the flag.

    However it needs to not instantly reset when an enemy walks into it after it has been dropped. Once flag carrier is killed the flag needs to sit there for the duration of a 10 second timer. If an enemy player (flag owner) is standing inside of a small aoe timer moves at double speed. This instant reset business is no fun for anyone. You also NEED to be able to hand flag off to team mates near you.

    Being able to THROW it seems like a bad idea. Flag throwing : the mode

  • Well I know many other classic CTF games had the ability to throw the flag but those tended to have MUCH faster movement than Chivalry does so it was harder to pick up a fallen flag.

  • You can drop the flag so someone else can pick it up I think. The button’s “G” I think.

  • i would like to play basketball with the head of a decapitated enemy (or soccer, volleyball, hockey……) :berz:

    on topic: good idea ! It would need some serious testing though…

  • Would it work like a javelin/spear hybrid?





  • Also, add a 2-4 second timer on people trying to pick up the flag. And make the flag carrier run slower.

    Just some quick thoughts on how I think this game mode can be done better.

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