Stabs and overheads in combos.

  • Before patch i’ve old combo system:

    LMB: swing right -> swing left
    Scroll Up: only Stab
    Scroll Down: overhead -> overhead

    I could easily connect 3 types of attacks, for example: overhead -> swing -> stab -> overhead -> stab

    After patch, now i have crappy (for me) combo system:

    LMB: swing right -> swing left
    Scroll Up: Stab -> overhead -> overhead
    Scroll Down: overhead -> swing left -> swing right

    It is bad, because when there is a friend next to me, I want to hit enemy with only overhead attacks. So i hit Scroll Down, and i get overhead attack, but when i hit scroll down again and i get god damn swing! I need to hit 2 buttons to get double overhead attack (Scroll Down and Scroll Up). The worst part of this new combo system is i cant make two stabs in combos. When i want a combo like: swing -> stab -> swing -> stab, i get: swing -> stab -> swing -> overhead. I can stab only once, and the next attacks are only overheads.

    I do not know if I’m the only with this issue, or maybe this is for all, but a good idea would be to add choice between old combo system and a new combo system.

    Thanks for all reply, and sorry for my bad english.

  • I remember someone else having this problem, check your keybinds

  • I was not expecting that answer is so obvious. I did not notice the new options in the configuration keys. I feel like a fool…

    Thank You for help.

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