Beta Patch 1 [9/20/2012]

  • Change log for the patch tomorrow.
    All servers will come down at 1AM PST (GMT -8).
    New client build will be set live at 9AM PST (GMT -8).
    The servers may come back online between 1AM-9AM but you will not be able to join them. You must wait until the client patch to be able to join the servers. Thanks for your patience. :)

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
    Beta Patch 1. 9/18/2012
    Torn Banner Studios.


    • Fixed issue with throneroom spawn being blocked.
    • Removed unnecessary assets from split levels.
    • No longer able to get on top of village huts.


    • Replace old grass meshes with correct ones.
    • Re-added forest.
    • Fixed floating rock trebuchets during the push objective.


    • Replaced old gras mesh with correct one.
    • Added missing shore rocks and red grass.
    • Changed the color of the white tumps.


    • Spawn changes to better suit formations (LTS)
    • Light environment changed so characters won’t all be glowing.


    • Sky change and black bits on landscape painted.
    • Lightning

    User Interface

    • Scoreboard: updated background with larger area for Timer.
    • Create Game: Moved return button to left side.
    • Server Browser: Changed the top ‘srot by’ row. Moved around buttons and font sizes.
    • Keybinds: Changed font sizes and made the right row of keys wider.
    • Helmet Selection Menu: Made font smaller to make all text visible.
    • Confirm Dialog: Made box smaller and box background semi transparent.
    • Class Selection: Class Images get semi-transparent faded backgrounds.
    • Loading screens updatd
    • Team Selection: No longer able to join a team if that team has more players than the other.


    • Man-at-arms tiered swing grunts.
    • Mason Man-At-Arms pain shouts.
    • Heavy crossbow crank reload sound.
    • Faction based dodge grunt sounds for man-at-arms
    • Added agatha knight dynamic objective VO
    • Increased ambient sound by 10%
    • Pain sound polish.
    • Mason Archer pain and VO sounds.


    • RMB changed to LMB (Text - Was tellign you to RMB for some things that should be LMB)
    • Various bug fixes and more VO hooked up.


    • Updated spear force for stab and overhead so they do not knock back as much.
    • Sped up broad dagger so it is faster than dagesse.
    • Reduced hatchet damage
    • Basic auto-balance in

    General Art

    • Firepot particle echanged to reflect actual size of volume.
    • Smokepot particle changed to not be completely worthless.
    • Catapult trail particle modified.
    • Red leather turned brown on Agatha knight.
    • Chanmail darkend on Mason Knight.
    • Changed catapult and ballista particles.

    Crash Fixes

    • (Server) Fixed a few issues where server would crash on transition.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed infinite loading screen when returning to main menu.
    • Fixed issue with pavises staying around between LTS rounds.
    • Fixed boiling oil PPE not deactivating.
    • Fixed splash particle position.
    • Pavise material set to be wood.
    • Fixed issue with localization of objective complete messages.
    • Pushable progress notifications fixed.
    • Fixed issue with Russian localization.
    • Fixed issue with dodge ecausing feet to freeze.
    • Fixed issue where server browser would load servers when you just start the game without clicking on server browser.
    • Class Select/Team Select/Scoreboard team data updates when people actually finish their weapon selections.
    • Fixed issue with scoreboard text and highlighting.
    • Fixed issue when assassination objective (king objective) went to respawn a dead king.
    • Removed unnecessary screen messages.
    • On fire screams stop when players are hit - on fire screams should persist until death or fire stops.
    • Fixed issue where picking up the pavise shield has no equip noise.


    • (Server) Reduced the amount of work the server has to do => should mean better server performance, lower pings, and less lag.
    • Improved character optimization.


    • All Devs are now also admins on all servers.
    • Increased max name length to 35 characters.

  • Interesting.

  • Smokepot particle changed to not be completely worthless.

    Does that mean it will be even more improved in the later patches? ‘‘not completely worthless’’ kind of mean it will still be a bit worthless?

  • Nice, most important things on the list are the lag and the lower pings, will see how the game will be optimized.

  • Great job, i’m very happy about the never ending loading screen because that happened to me every time, although I will miss my spear knocking people back so far :(

  • woaww great job … that s not a little log

  • No weapon unlocks yet? Oh well. It looks like you have a lot of bug fixes in mind. The improved server performance should be a nice touch as well.

  • so how many hours from now pls, for us Internationals? rough estimate? thanks :P

  • That’s in approximately 3 hours.

  • Nice One!

    Never play on patchday xD

    Will you update your website, too? I mean pre order option on your site?

  • Friendly dev reminder that the servers will be turned off in 1.5 hours!

    • All Devs are now also admins on all servers.

    That was the case in DayZ mod and led to security concerns and issues. Do not forget to remove that from the final release. Would be awkward.

  • no keybind issue fixes in this patch?

  • Awesome! Can finally play objective maps with less lag and no server crashes. I expect to see you devs on objective servers all day to get people playing the mode this game was meant for.

    Also, thank god for Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2 to get me through server downtime.

  • Developer

    No keybind fixes, sorry. They are important and we will get to them, but we had crashes and other very nasty issues that we needed to fix first.

    Also wanted to note as it missed the patch notes:

    Vanguard movement has been slowed 5% and Knight 10%.

    Additionally the warhammer weapon was slowed down and hatchet had its damage reduced.

  • Thank god for the hammer/hatchet nerf and slowing down heavy class’s is a must!

  • Ha ha Awesome! I want to smoke pot on every one! :D you should let us have 2 smoke pots :D

  • alright. looking forward to it. good work so far :)

  • Is there any chance for having all weapons unlocked, so we can perform a legit beta test of balance?

    Edit: I fear that the difference in movement speed between lighter and heavier classes could lead to kiting tactics being developed (running from the enemy and chipping away at them). Still think the stamina system would work better, where everyone has the same movement speed, but different stamina regeneration speeds. But we will see. :)

  • HA! SWEET PATCH! Added some of the weapon balancing that I wanted, fixed the smoke, and better performance?


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