[Game Modes] Combining LTS with objectives?

  • I’ve been playing this game’s beta for several days and I’m lovin’ it! Especially the LTS because nothing is more epic than finishing off the last enemy and winning the match for your team! For some reason I don’t feel that adrenaline rush at the TDM or Objective gamemodes, it’s just a huge clusterbattle where your kills or deaths seem to matter nought.

    So I suggest:

    1.) Limited amounts of lives, like this you could still simulate a large battle on which to complete several objectives, while still keeping that thrill to knowing that you only got a few chances to do said objectives. This seemed to work on the M&B:Warband siege servers which got very popular and often reached 200 players, people would play carefully and try to go for the objectives instead of mindless death match.

    2.) Several stages within a battle and every time the attacking team completes a stage everyone respawns, with this you could still kill the king and villagers, but there’s more to it because you only have one life and your team is depending on you to finish the stage and get them to respawn. This might make a lot of people happy who don’t like LTS because of the long wait if you die at the start of a round, with stages you’d (hopefully) respawn every time a stage is completed!

    Another thing that might go well with the above mentioned suggestion is a game-mode idea I’d like to call War:
    There’s 5 stages like this: MASON - MASON - NEUTRAL - AGATHA - AGATHA

    The teams start the first round in the neutral stage where they fight on an equal field for dominance. The objective is to defeat the enemies three times in a row, or until you finish their final stage, but beware, stages get harder and harder for the attackers and the enemy can push you back to your end-stage as well!This game-mode could go on for a very long time or last only ten minutes depending on the teams. And it could be on a map with two castles facing eachother and the end-objective being the Mason General or the Agathian King (For which the players with the highest scores in the team should get picked)

  • i love this idea
    must be epic to play it in clanwar.

  • Sounds nice. I agree this is why I do not like TDM, nor objective mode as much as I might.

  • +1, the ‘War’ gamemode would be epic to have. Winning a single round would actually mean a lot more than just being a number. Think about it. Normal LTS: Oh it’s 3-3, yay, everybody’s ball game… War: “2-0, amazing start, let’s take over the castle! Last push! WE CAN DO THIS!!”

    Or epic, long, tiresome fight with rounds being 31-33, losing… “C’mon, we can’t give up! Defend the castle, we’ll turn the tables this round!”

  • All sounds good, i agree TDM and objective with lives would be better +1

    i also like the 2 castles facing each other for war mode, that would be sweet.

  • and why not a “plant the bomb” mod ?

    This mod used ic CS , COD etc in war mod is the most played.

  • @PapaGreg:

    and why not a “plant the bomb” mod ?

    This mod used ic CS , COD etc in war mod is the most played.

    I believe that is already one of the objectives in the game.

  • are you sure ?

  • A bridge with twin castles on each side(agathian and mason castles) and tower in the middle of the bridge for the war mode. (hope anyone read The song of ice and fire ??)

  • I totally agree with gamemodes - more of that, the more, the better, and community eventually would choose the most desired one, so everyone is happy. And “War” gamemode is similar to that in Dark Messiah, it was called crusade and it was (IT IS STILL) daamn playable.

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