Reason for buckler on flail

  • I believe I have found the reason for a flail to have a buckler instead of a heater shield.

    That reason ladies and gentlemen is that flails can’t stab and since bucklers come with a stab animation from javelins they shoved it on the poor flail so the flail could stab.

    Flail stab alternatives
    I honestly can’t think of any but
    perhaps a laser beam from the flails handle would suffice for how slow the flail is.

    if you can think of any alternatives that aren’t make a heater stab post it.

  • Pretty correct there.

    I hate the girly shield “slap” with the buckler anyways. On the Javelin archer it should be a neck-chop with it like in AoC. Used for quick interruption / stun.

    Knight should NOT have a buckler. Give the flail a 360 swing again like in AoC (just tweak it of course). See mah sig for this argument already.

    I understand they have a single overworked animator at the moment though and every time I’ve asked for this it’s gotten rejected for that reason but meh, a very large majority of people would prefer the Heater for Flail Knight. So hopefully one day if there is some animator free time, it can be sorted out. Here’s hoping, as I’d really love to be a Flail knight again.

  • I actually love the heater stab on flail. No melee does that, and few people play melee jav. The heater bash is generally a hit, people never read it. Its also deceptively fast and people tend to watch your weapon and forget about the shield.

    Do not want removed.

    With the way swings work, i actually dont think a 360 like in aoc would be all that helpful.

  • Well during Alpha the Flail also had the Buckler then, so it just continued that way after the Flail was re-added after the game’s release.

    It boils down to two different animation sets. The Buckler has it’s own unique animation set because of the way it is held. The Heater, Kite, and Tower Shield all share the exact same animations (just replacing the actual shield depending on what is selected) because they can be held the same way. To allow both the Buckler and Heater for a single weapon type effectively doubles the work involved; it adds up to be a crap load of animations.

  • I don’t use the flail much, is it possible to combo off a buckler stab with it?

  • @DokB:

    I don’t use the flail much, is it possible to combo off a buckler stab with it?

    Yep, it’s possible to combo off the Buckler stab into a Flail attack or vice versa.

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