This game is dead and the community is at fault

  • Stop blaming devs for not fixing bugs, it’s this entire shit community that plays this game. Maybe 10% are okay but those are the guys reading forums keeping themself informed with the game.
    As of today I wish this game will be taken off the F*king market. There is no future in this pile of !@$!@$.
    Seriously, getting votekicked cause the impact of a catapult kills friendlies. What do you expect? Do you expect a rock to magically hit the enemy on the head? The impact blast radius is large.
    No matter if you kill 15 enemies and 1 friendly from catapult hits, you get either TKed from the cata or votekicked out.
    Then there are guys that switch teams only to kill you if they can’t beat you. Getting on the friendly side to TK you and if you start a votekick they’ll act as if I was the one attacking him first, playing peoples minds.
    Nope this game will not last very long with this shit community.
    Then there are these so called vets that magically run faster then any other regular knight. OBVIOUSLY magically running faster? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Either editing game files(rare and requires unreal engine knowledge) or speed up hacks, slightly gaining advantage over others, but eh it’s widely used over all the clans and all the vets. And if you say something about it? BOOM votekicked out.
    It’s obvious people want to keep it a secret and if someone sheds light on it you’re being votekicked out.
    This game is a farce.

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