Gamemode idea…

  • I realise there are plenty of game mode ideas, and a few similar to this specific one and I’m not writing on a pc at the moment so it will be hastily done and not as much detail as I would hope.

    “Slay the Giant”

    1 person against the whole opposite enemy team, that one guy would the giant. It would have increased health and the ability to 1 hit all classes, knight could be 2 hits as to make up for lack of speed.
    The game is won by the giant killing the players or the other way around.
    I see a certain amount of realism in this game mode idea as it were popular belief then of giants existing. And a couple archeological discoveries.
    (And chivalry isn’t exactly completely realistic with it’s teleporting mages.)

    I’m not sure if this should go in custom content, but tell me what you think.

    As I’m not on a computer I can only give image links:

  • I really can’t see how this would be fun to play. :/

  • @bagetti:

    I really can’t see how this would be fun to play. :/

    Have you ever played TF2 with hale mode?

  • I am pretty sure this game mode was mentioned before …… a lot of ppl liked it :D

  • How would you stop people simply stunlocking the “giant.”

  • @NabsterHax:

    How would you stop people simply stunlocking the “giant.”

    Giants are unstunnable with anything less than a catapult. Would actually make catapults and ballistas useful weapons.

    Throw in some player goblins to keep the regular class team from getting to the siege weapons.

    Damn. I want to steal this.

  • constantly dying and waiting for respawn does not sound fun. but that is kind of how king of the hill is and I like it sometimes. if its not hard to implement I say go ahead

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