Modify sprint functionality.

  • Right now, if you hold shift key in the middle of an attack to try and sprint away, your character will not start to sprint when the attack animation is over. This forces me to time the moment I begin to hold down the shift key to be right after my attack animation is over. Sometimes I miss the timing and take a hit, and sometimes I time it properly and can get away.

    My proposal is to allow players to be able to begin holding down the shift key anytime during an attack animation and instantly start sprinting away as soon as the attack animation is over.

    If I’m not elaborate enough, let me know.

  • I agree this gets me killed. It makes the movement of the game feel sluggish. If I’m pressing shift I expect to be sprinting, always. A modification would be nice.

    • 1, it’s really annoying.

  • Developer

    100% Agree, putting it on the to-do list. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Rrrrrrrruuuun, CRAVENS !

  • @Tibberius:

    100% Agree, putting it on the to-do list. Thanks for your feedback!

    I thought that was on purpose, to remove the hit and run tactics?

  • Developer

    He is talking about needing to press sprint again after attacking, which is separate from having to build up speed again. After an attack you will have to build up to a sprint again, but you shouldn’t be required ot manually release and re-press the shift key, we’re just eliminating the additional redundant user input.

  • Ooooh, ok I get it.

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