Feign Bug / Invisible Attack?

  • I wouldn’t even know how to describe this… but god damn it is annoying. Any ideas?


    After looking back at this footage and having experienced this bug quite a number of times in the past few days, it seems it only happens with the Knight Longsword? [not confirmed] I’ve just not seen this before at all. It also appears to occur when the enemy feigns an offhand and goes for a main hand attack.? As you can hear, Demork says that the attack was ‘slow’ while what I saw was simply 2 feigns? Very odd. Anyone else experienced this?

  • Could be related to the alt-swing feint bug but it doesn’t look like the typical ones you see.

    I have experienced some weirdly animated (or non-animated) attacks before, but never been able to reproduce it.

  • looks like a desync to me.

  • This has happened to me as well, several times. Its absolutely infuriating

    The best advice I can give is simply to block when you see their animation crap out like that

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