Attack+dodge bugs.

  • The MAA can do an atack coming from your right side with an axe that will glitch through your block even if your staring at the tip of the axe. i supose adding an angle of effect for block would solve this and many simular attack bugs that players are starting to take advantidge of(in training it says anything can be blocked if you stare at the tip). Enless these weapons were created to have an angled atack function so that players have more chance of being hit by a combo , i would strongly suggest you reprogram the maa axe atack angle and thrust. no other class has combos wich can conveniently go around a knight or vanguard block without physically stepping to the side. this enables spamers and unskilled players to be able to take down most people accidently by going to the opponents left side. i dont have a problem with this besides the fact most maps are created so you fight on the left side of your opponent. if you make blocking more angled for every other class (obviously implementing the set physics of the weapons to determine angle and duration based on mass, length and density), then these nubs will have to learn how to dodge properly with a MAA so they can reap the reward of a fair kill without accidently abusing a bug.

    i would also like to state that there should be a media release once the weapon unlock system is fixed. stating all weapon abilities , propper stats and how they differ for each move. This will make balancing classes alot easier when people understand things like why the pole axe is better then the greatsword in everyway but one not stated. stabing power and speed. well by how much in stats my friend? we dont know. these things might be implied but like anything implied you still have to have a media release for the very curious and slow.

    Another is the knights dodge ability with a shield.A huge contradiction when you have classes like the vanguard not even able to control their special ability. (charge has no directional atacking implemented in its swing and its always a slash) if we could charge with any move and change the direction this would actually be beneficial to use. however all i see when someone charges in is usually their own head rolling to the floor. plz either add a new special or fix the current one to have a use of some sort.To finish this report i would like to simply say that the overhead goes backwards due to the cool yet awkward positioning of the vanguard two handed sword.A real problem when this class is supose to be the fronlining aggressor and cant even land the best first atack without damaging most of his allies coming from behind. many tk’s are coused by this class for that reason especially in free for all.not a huge problem but a bit misleading when first person makes most of these noobs think the sword will end its overhead swing in front of you. i mean ok you can solve this by atacking in third peron but its still something that shouldnt be limited to that choice.

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