Bring back old school AOC spectator options.

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    This will come, before release or very shortly after, depending on how many issues we encounter.

    We’ll fix the spawning delay when class selecting and try to improve the reliability of the respawn timer as well.

  • @andske:

    To make matters worse if one was under the influence of drugs they could get VERY edgy and annoyed not knowing how many seconds they must wait before they continue their rampage.
    Not trying to sound like a junky with this comment but when your under the effects of heavier drugs little things like lack of reasurance can make a player feel scared insecure or even angry.
    I would like to have the reasurance to know in every map and game how long i have to wait to spawn.
    “the best things are made to work catering even for the worst type of people”


    Timer does need fixing, but fixing because it genuinely needs it, not because you’re on drugs and need “reassuring” or because you’re “scared” (?).

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