Server appears empty but actually has players

  • I have had my 32 player server running fairly reliably for about a week. I noticed that sometimes I can’t find it in the server browser but players are in it. At this moment, there are 23 players in it. If I use the server browser by ReMixx, it reflects this correctly. If I look at the server at GameMonitor dot com, it shows 0 players. It will stay this way until the server is restarted.
    Any ideas?

    It’s been a challenge to get the server configured the way I want but it’s pretty much there.
    All forwarded at the router.

  • It seems OK now. Probably a Game-Monitor glitch

  • Not sure before the patch, but maybe it got fixed after the update?

  • It just happened again for nearly two days. In-game browser is OK. I posted on Game-Monitor,com but there was no response. I highly suspect a glitch on the Game-Monitor end. The server is shown accurately on the in-game and the server browser by ReMixx.

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