• Lol how does this fucking shit still exist so far into this game’s release? All you have to do with this weapon is stab like a retard. Best speed, slowest windup, easiest spear stab to hit…it’s better than ALL the other spears! The stab is so fast that there is no reason not to use it at any range! Who did this fucking shit? It’s retarded, sickening, amateur game design.

  • Would help if we knew what you were even talking about. There are 6 polearms, all with varying degrees of damages and speed, they cannot just be generalised.

  • Across the vast and majestic gulf of the chivalry forums, the jimmies rustle softly…

    But seriously: what the hell? Which weapon are you talking about?

  • Once you have played enough it becomes quite predictable and stab becomes the weakest attack.

    Aim down a little more with your blocks and you will find it is not very hard to negate.

  • Are you sure you included enough times the word STAB in the title of your thread?

  • Come on, relax, have a drink. Think about what you want to tell us.

  • What if I told you that some people want a stab COMBO? :o :o :o :o :o

  • I do. Keep spear type unique

  • Yeah, i do want a stab combo.
    Maybe this person is just confused by the spears with their stab and slower stab. The two different stabs confuse even the best, its like a built in feint.

  • this garfuncle guy needs to be banned from this forum. You’ve been nothing but negative and complaining about every god damn thing in the fucking game possible. Oh yeah, i went through your posts after your latest escapade of trying to slander interitus’s clan calling out some bullshit about them. You’r other posts include this one, which as martin said there are more than 1 polearm… and the stab isn’t the most useful attack on all of them… and you’re obviously pent up because a female hasn’t touched your penis in years.

    You complain about quarterstaffs, maps spawn locations… people being “elitist assholes”… saying all the new weapons are garbage, team damage needs to be less for maa, complains about halberd.

    I mean come the fuck on… you ever think the problem may be… i don’t know… YOU!?

    GTFO or pick another game to play, we don’t fucking need you

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