Alt. strikes not working with parry combo

  • Just after you parry an attack you can give a combo swing, but it seems that when I press an alt. swing it just gives me a regular wing.

    To be honest though I’m not sure if this is something you guys missed or if it’s actually a design choice you made.

  • It is actually a bug. Sometimes it plays the alternate swing, sometimes the regular, while it can also start playing one, stop, play the other instead and result in a lot of confusion for you and, greater concern, also for the one trying to parry your strike.

  • Is it being fixed?

  • they took alt swing ripostes out soon after the patch hit due to the alt swing animation bug as a work around. Little did they know it was much worse than that :D

  • @vek329:

    Is it being fixed?

    Devs are aware of it and I am convinced it will be fixed in next patch (yes this might sound naive and even foolish but, eh, faith boyz and girlz).

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