[Gamemode] Arms Race!

  • Hello,

    Blatantly ripping a gamemode from a very known gameseries with this but here its goes.

    Last Team Standing mode except everyone starts with the same class and weapon, lets say MaA with some basic template, you can’t choose anything from the item screen. If you get a kill that round, next round you’re going to be forced to be a crossbowman. You’re going to be a crossbowman/whatever class you are that round until you get a kill, then next round you’ll be a Vanguard with some setup until you get a kill, then a Knight, then back to MaA with a different setup and so on. All these phases are hardcoded into the mode and with a kill you get to the next phase of that cycle.

    First person to go around the cycle twice (MaA-Arc-Van-Kni-MaA-Arc-Van-Kni = 8 (or more) kills, 1 for each) is the winner. The cycle could be edited, it might go MaA-MaA-Van-Van-Arc-Arc-Kni-Kni, the server hoster decides 8-)

  • Sounds fun, the last stage would be that you spawn as a peasant with a sharpened stick which takes about 5 overheads to kill an archer with.

  • Bump, in case this went unnoticed by the dev team.

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