Clans Ruining Game?

  • I’ve been thinking, what good do clans contribute to the game?

    My experience with clans is that they come in a game, dominate one team and therefor ruin the play experience for the rest of the 20 people on that server. My experience with clans is that 90% of them play dirty, exploiting and abusing. My experience with clans is that if you want to beat them, you have to stoop to their level and also play dirty, exploit and abuse. I would much rather exit the game than do that.

    The forums experience with the clans are that they votekick in order to keep servers for themselves, they votekick people they don’t like, they hack together etc. Am I missing something?

    So I ask again, what good do clans contribute to the game? Keep in mind that 90%+ of the players playing Chivalry are NOT in a clan.

    All I know is every time I see a clan join a server, I sigh and mentally prepare myself that I may have to leave the server if I want to have a good time with the game.

  • Never had a problem with clan players. In fact I tend to like them a lot more than the average player. At least the guys from VK and IO are some of the friendliest and most fun guys to play with.

    I also have to say that I actually rarely see clannies playing with “shitty” exploitative tactics. I’ve never seen one running around staring at the ground or trying to hop into some kind of archer exploit spot where they can’t be seen or hit.

    So no, I really don’t have a problem with clan palyers. I guess it is kind of annoying when like 5 of them join the same team and absolutely slaughter every other player :D But that’s a rare occurrence, and far from something that ruins the game, at least for me.

  • I know what you mean and think the same. All clan members I meet are morons who are insulting everyone, abusing every unfair trick in the game etc. It’s horrible… :3

  • You can’t be this dumb, it’s impossible.

    Sling/10 Would not read again.

  • VK clan is the worst. Literary everyone in there exploits all the useful bugs. And when you say something about it they insult your mother and kick you of their server. Its pathetic.

  • @Del:

    You can’t be this dumb, it’s impossible.

    Care to explain why you disagree instead of just insulting me?

  • I haven’t seen the top euro clans (IO, RK, VK) clan stacking in ages, I think it’s too boring for them now, and when they’re on pubs in ones and twos they’re always friendly and pleasant. A few of the less pro clans still stack quite a bit, but they’re not really good enough to ruin things if there are a few good casual players on the other side to balance it out.

  • I haven’t personally experienced clan members stacking and ruining the server.

    I have however experienced many of them (VK, IO being the main culprits) being insufferably arrogant dicks.

    And I would question your statement that 90% of them use exploits and ruin the game experience. It’s much closer to 100%.

  • Teamstacking clanfaggots.

  • Locked before the Kiminator!

  • @ReMixx:

    Locked before the Kiminator!

    Awww, not fair!

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