[Gamemode] Black Knight!

  • ’Tis but a scratch.'

    The Black Knight Gamemode:

    • Each team has x number of special ‘Black Knight’ units. These are stronger than your average knight units with more HP, stamina and better armour and of course they stand out due to their special attire.

    • Each team has 1 for each x amount of team members (1 for every 6-8 would be a good amount) but always an even number so that both teams have same amount of BK units per round. If the x is 8 then 10vs.8 you have 1 for each team, 8vs.7 you have none, 16vs.16 it’s two BK units for both teams.

    • The units will be chosen randomly at the round start but the players class choice must be either Vanguard or Knight, ranged and MaA are not included to the lottery.

    • optional special if the Black Knight loses it’s arm/leg, it can still continue fighting. Only chopping it’s head off will kill the Black Knight straightaway, otherwise you have to severe all it’s limbs away to defeat the BK. :D

  • If you add a special “Random” class to Man at Arms or Archer, this would be even more awesome!

    Maybe only a Vanguard should be able to become a black knight, maybe someone who picks the knight class should become some kind of giant behemoth.

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