Sprint Animation

  • May or may not have already been discussed and may be intentional, but it frustrates me.

    Since the new patch where you no longer have to repress Shift to start sprinting again, I have noticed a very annoying, albeit very minor aesthetic bug.
    If I start sprinting and clip some collision in the map, the sprint animation keeps my weapon in the “ready to attack” position where my weapon no longer moves around while I sprint. I know the sprint has not changed, but it annoys me so much that I often have to stop sprinting and repress the shift key to get the proper sprint animation going again, which gets very frustrating.

  • Lol it is frustrating indeed. I often find myself doing what you describe and feeling like “why do I even bother?”. It’s not game breaking at least.

  • This is annoying indeed. It’s a moderately high priority fix for the next patch (following the one about to release, that is).

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