Regarding Combo Feint to Parry

  • This is something that I’ve noticed happens occasionally and I’m trying to reproduce it in video. Sometimes after performing a combo feint to parry and counter attacking, someone else will try to strike me as I’m counter attacking. During my counter attack animation, I will somehow parry their attack as well, even though my parry has ended and I’m now in the process of swinging back. Has anyone else experienced something similar when using combo feint to parry -> counter attack?

  • This isn’t restricted to combo feint to parries, it works with normal parries too. The way it seems is that counter-attacking doesn’t stop your parry, you still get whatever time is remaining on it (e.g. click parry, counter-attack 0.2 secs later, you are now winding up and in a parry state for 0.3 secs)
    I don’t know whether to consider this a bug or a feature, if the attackers are aware that this occurs they need to synchronise their attacks such that one of the swings hits when parry has dropped

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